Balance is about harmonising the mind, body and soul of oneself with nature and all its beings. It's the aligning of individual geometry with that of the Universal Consciousness, to achieve higher levels of perception and inner peace.

Find Balance in Life With Yoga

"As long as you're letting your joy be your guiding light, then you can always stay in balance."​



Short, guided meditations and breathing exercises focused on clearing the mind and bringing lightness into the body.

Mobility & Strength

Quick and simple stretching, mobility and strengthening routines with different levels of difficulty for balance and power.


Full Yoga, HEAT-yoga and Pilates classes created with different levels of intensity, focused on the alignment of body, mind and soul.

Private Live Online Classes

Through her yoga practice, Mirka, explores playful & creative ideas of bringing awareness and alignment to every part of the body while focusing on the balanced connection of movement and breath.

Mirka is currently offering live, online classes via Zoom to provide you with practices that match your ability and preference, within the comfort of your own space.

- Single sessions:  75' Yoga or 45' HIIT Yoga or 60' Pilates -

- 5 session cards: Combine any of the above classes. -