Vegan Chocolateless Protein Spread (Debess u Tahineh)

A super healthy sugarless 2-ingredient alternative to your favourite chocolate spread.

As a kid I absolutely loved and could not resist anything loaded with chocolate, dark chocolate especially. I mean, I still do, I just try to hold back a bit these days. Since becoming vegan I've tried making my favourite childhood desserts but most are quite hard to recreate without any sugar, eggs and cream. There are always ways around things though and some times just by experimenting you might come up with something very unexpected but still very delicious.

This simple, 2 ingredient recipe was exactly that! An attempt to make a healthy, protein packed, sugarless spread that could potentially replace chocolate.

This super spread can easily be eaten by the spoon, on some sourdough bread or on some Vegan Superpower Pancakes.

2-Ingredient Vegan Chocolateless Protein Spread

Super easy, 2-ingredient vegan spread that's sugarless, gluten free and full of protein. Perfect for breakfast, as a post workout snack or as dessert.

Prep Time - 5 minutes Cooking time - 5 minutes Total Time - 10 minutes

Servings 15 (2-Tbsp servings)

Course Breakfast, Dessert, Protein Snack

Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan

Does it last? 1 week in room temperature or 2 weeks in the fridge


  • 300gr Tahini

  • 150gr Carob Molasses or Dibs el kharrub

  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)


  1. In medium sized mixing bowl, empty out all of the tahini including the oil at the top, you might need to use a knife to scrape out the bottom of the jar as sometimes tahini solidifies there.

  2. Mix the tahini until it reaches homogenous texture.

  3. Add the Carob molasses and continue stirring well until completely mixed.

  4. Taste it, if you want it sweeter you can add more carob molasses.

  5. Option to add some cinnamon if you like.

  6. Transfer to a clean, airtight jar to store. Mix once every couple of days to keep it creamy

  7. Enjoy

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