The Power of Morning Rituals

Practicing self-love by introducing gentle, positive morning routines into your every day, can bring clarity and calmness to mind and body as well as greatly benefit your overall wellbeing.

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Every night, just as we fall asleep, we go through a sort of reset process necessary for allowing our bodies to rest, the mind to sort all the information it has received throughout the day and for releasing any stagnant energy that doesn't serve us any more.

The moment we wake up and open our eyes, the possibilities are endless. You can think of this moment as the second before placing the brush on an empty canvas. Before letting the "algorithm" of the mind start drawing the same picture, as it has, every single day, it might be good to question whether that picture makes us happy or not.

By introducing and practicing positive, morning rituals you're giving yourself the space to explore the day ahead with much more joy, awareness and compassion, while increasing productivity and efficiency in tasks that lay ahead.


As with anything in life, there isn't one solution that works for all; what is right for one might not work for another. It's good to keep that in mind at all times even while reading this article, for I'm only sharing what I've found to be good for my body, my mind . Finding what works best for you, takes time and the process of introducing a new habit calls for some gentle effort.

Here are 7, some easy to follow and some not, rituals, tips or ideas, we find, have been of great benefit to our mind, body and soul.

1. Rooster Roster

The rooster roster is, what I like to call, a good sleep schedule.

A good day starts with a good nights sleep why to "master" the Rooster Roster, it's important to:

  1. Going to bed at roughly the same time every night

  2. Getting a good amount of sleep, so 6-8 hours

  3. Feeling relaxed before going to bed.

  4. Waking up at the same time every morning.

2. S(no)oze

If you're someone who needs an alarm clock to wake up, try not pressing that snooze button, again and again, before actually getting out of bed. Once the first bell goes off, try getting out of bed instead of laying there with your eyes closed, "for just a few more minutes". If you can afford to stay in bed longer, put your alarm later, but if that means you have to rush to get out of bed, better wake up a bit earlier, even if you feel a bit tired.

3. Rush Hour

Just as no one likes being on the road during rush hour, no one truly enjoys waking up in a rush, late for work, running to brush their teeth, get ready and leave the house as if it's on fire.

By giving yourself time in the morning to wake up gently and not stress about getting somewhere on time, you give yourself the opportunity to witness more of the wondrous beauty each morning and each day holds. It also increases focus and is likely to help you be more patient throughout the day.

4. Can't Touch This 🎶 <- Click

What is the first thing you look at when you wake up? - If your answer is "My Phone", then this goes to you.

Our eyes may have adjusted to looking at a screen all day long, however, a bright screen with tiny letters, filled with useless information is certainly not the nicest thing to look at as soon as you open your eyes. Instead, try having a book by your bedside table and read a few pages of that, when you wake up. Trust me, Instagram, Facebook, G-mail and WhatsApp will all still be there even if you grab your phone 30-60 minutes later.