Plants that brighten up your space and mood.

Our little green friends are a wonderful way to bring life and colour into your home or office while providing your body with clean air and uplifting the spirit. Whether you want to "green up" that tiny bit of space at the edge of your desk or you're looking to turn your living room into a jungle, we've compiled a list of plants that fit your every need. Some love the attention, some are strong and independent (don't need much water) and some just sting. Ouch, that hurt me as well!


When we first moved into our beautiful little attic apartment in Amsterdam, we didn't even have a kitchen, we hadn't bought a sofa or a table and pretty much all of our things were still in boxes. Sure, you could argue that having a kitchen, a table or chairs to sit on are of higher importance than having a plant, but I'm not sure I agree. That's why one of the first things we brought into the house was Coco and I know, Coco might not be the most innovative name for a coconut plant but she totally introduced her self as Coco so what could we have done?!

We love plants, we wish we could have them all, prickly, tall, tiny or hungry, but plants, even the strongest ones out there, still need your love and attention and most importantly water. When you're travelling as much as we do, it can be quite difficult and pretty sad to leave them behind every time and to be fair, they're not the easiest to travel with. So instead of buying and filling our house with them all, we made this list, so you can do it instead. I've also included a couple of links on where you can buy them from (if you live in the Netherlands).

I've picked and categorised some of my favourite plants you can find easily, in order to make your plant parenthood as easy as possible.

A breath of fresh air

These green beings of love will purify your air and fill your lungs with pure oxygen.

Devil’s Ivy or pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

This scary sounding but very helpful friend is quite possibly the one plant you should have if you had to only pick one. It comes in small, medium and big, it will grow if you let it (by putting it into bigger pots) and it can be placed on a table, a shelf or it can be hanged up. It's one of those plants that is literally harder to kill than to keep alive so if you're not ready to be a plant-parent yet but you really, really want to plant up your space, then this is the one for you.

Devil's Ivy

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

🎵Spider Plant! Spider Plant!

Does whatever a Spider Plant does

Can he purify your air?

Sure he can, he's a plant

Look out!

He is the Spider Plant🎵

This plant is a must for all you animal lovers as it's one of the plants out there that's non toxic for animals. It loves to eat up all the carbon monoxide and turn it into clean fresh oxygen and on top of that it's great for plant newbies. It fits perfectly in your living room or bedroom and as a bonus tip, you can replant the small "spiderettes" that grow next to it creating a family of air purifying treasures. Its funky looks will definitely brighten up your space and mood.

Spider Plant

Rubber fig (Ficus elastica)

This gorgeous, thick leaved, green friend is one of my favourites out there. I'm a sucker for plants that have deep greens and grow tall without taking up too much space and time. You'll most likely buy this plant while it's still quite small but it can grow stunning and tall if you let it. It's perfect for that empty corner of your living room that just doesn't fit anything else and it will make any space look cozy and beautiful. It's as strong as it looks, its chunky leaves are great at breaking down airborne chemicals and they can kill bacteria and mould spores that might be flying around your space.