Nude is normal

Our overall wellbeing depends on a loving, supportive relationship between body, mind and soul. Learning to love and appreciate our naked selves for their imperfect beauty is a huge step towards a more harmonious life.

In an individualistic society where, beauty equals skinny, where size matters - and I don't mean belly size -. Where who you are is judged by your gender and the way you dress. Where nudity is considered weird and all this is combined with a flawed educational system, it's pretty easy to begin telling ourselves there's something wrong with us.

The process of telling ourselves something over and over again leads to that "something", becoming our truth. When a truth is established from a young age and also shared by others, it's pretty hard to shift, but certainly NOT impossible.

The shift begins with recognition and awareness of our emotions. Does this "truth", we keep telling ourselves, make us feel good or not? If not, then why not start by telling a different story, why not use different words, uplifting, loving words.

Try telling yourself now:

I'm grateful for my body.

I love my body.

Then comes the leaving of our comfort zone once in a while. There's a certain safety even in our fears and our worries. If being naked makes you uncomfortable, try doing it more often. Gentle pushes and repetition will shift discomfort into contentment.

Part of my own process of accepting and loving my body, is lovingly urging my self to go to nudist beaches whenever I can. The more I notice other people's bodies, the more I realise that they're just bodies, all different, yet all the same, all imperfectly perfect. Just like mine.

We have full control over how we feel within our bodies and consequently over how we look. By directing our energy and thoughts towards that which brings lightness and peace within us, we allow for beauty and harmony to radiate through us.

Being Naked is Normal. We come into this world protected only by the love of our parents. We grow up learning of the importance of love yet somehow we're not taught that it's always there, within us. Teach yourself how to bring that love forward and if you feel uncomfortable in your body, look for new "truths", aim for good feeling thoughts, see the beauty in your imperfections and allow your natural state of wellbeing flow through you.

You are beautiful and you are whole.

Love & Joy,


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