13 Songs That Inspire Us

Have you ever wondered why we almost always ask what type of music someone listens to when we first meet them? My simplest answer to this would be because "We are what we listen to".


I honestly really believe that you can determine pretty accurately someones character by the music they listen to. Music can have an incredibly powerful effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and can immediately affect our every cell causing shifts in mind and body. I feel it's important for our overall wellbeing as with everything in life to find balance in the music genres we listen to and aim to expose ourselves to new music. There is so much variety out there that you could never get bored. Be adventurous!

Funny little story for you...

At the time my mum was going into labor and was about to give birth to me, my dad had just arrived from the restaurant he owned back then, in order to come witness "the miracle of life". As he walked in the labor room, he noticed that the doctors there -being very Greek- had bouzoukia (a Greek instrument and genre of music) playing in the background. He instantly went to my mum, told her to wait as she was and stormed out the door. 10 pretty agonising (for my mum) minutes later, my dad walks back in, pleased to see that I was still hiding in my cave, hands a cd to the doctors and asks them to play that instead. He had driven back to the restaurant, picked up a Pavarotti CD and brought it, in order for me to come into this life listening to classical music.

It most definitely didn't make me a musician or even give me a sense of rhythm but it surely helped me love classical music and most specifically Pavarotti. More than that though, I strongly believe, that my patience and my open-mindedness, partly at least, come from that first glimpse into this wonderful experience we call life.

Sharing is caring and even though some of these songs you surely know or have heard of before, I would like to share with you some of the songs that inspire Mirka and myself. Some bring joy in our lives, some tears, some fill our bellies with butterflies and some take us back to precious memories, but all keep a special place in our hearts.

With no specific order here we go...

1. "I am" by Fia



"I am so much more, I am one with source I am limitless, infinite, powerful Abundant, complete from the start, creator of all"

Because we all are! We are all so much more that what we might think we are. Fia reminds herself and us that we are all beings of infinite power, filled with love, joy and the unique ability to shine a little brighter each day. Her voice is an inspiring and gentle push to accept all that we are and live our fullest lives!

2. "'O sole mio" by Luciano Pavarotti



The voice of this man comes from magical realms of love and carries with it a sound that can penetrate the human soul. His love of life, his child-like, wondrous character and his most generous heart have made him an inspiration and legend for many of us. May his voice fill the hearts of us all with such love and joy for years to come.

Also if you haven't seen the documentary I most certainly recommend you do. It's heartwarmingly beautiful!

3. "Pern" by Yann Tiersen