Loving and Taking Care of Yourself

Self-love is a wonderful journey towards inner peace and balance, clarity, pure joy and spiritual growth. Learn to appreciate everything you are, accept your imperfections and blossom into your most wonderful self.



What is self-love?

Self-love is the practice of recognising and appreciating your innate goodness and virtues. It involves nurturing your entire being as well as showing compassion and taking care of yourself on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Self-love means recognising your imperfections, accepting your weaknesses as much as your strengths and embracing your inner demons. It's an exponential force that brings clarity and alignment into our lives.

You see, when I was a teenager I was what you might call a little chubby, however being amongst other not so chubby teenagers I was called fat so many times that I started to believe it. Nowadays I exercise a lot, I eat healthy and look after my self, and I'm well aware I'm anything but fat. There are sometimes though, when I look at my self in the mirror and somehow I still see that same chubby body but I know, that it's just my mind playing tricks on me.

There's a huge distinction here I'd like to point out, because if you ask me now how do I see my self I will confidently say fit and healthy, however if you asked me 3 years ago when I was probably skinnier than I've ever been, I would unfortunately still say I was fat.

So the thing that helped make that mental switch and also opened up my eyes about a lot of other "problems" I thought I had, was simply learning to accept my self for everything I was, for all my imperfections. Because trust me, no one is perfect!

As with everything in life, I think it's just best to start small and build you way up. So be kind to yourself because it will all be ok in the end and if it's not, then it's not the end!

Self-love club
“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” Paulo Coehlo

How to practice self-love

Don't you wish sometimes that there was a magic button you could press and make everything right?

You might think YES, YES, YES, but to be fair, that would be no fun at all! Here's some food for thought; We are in these physical bodies, living this life of contrast, because we like it here, we enjoy playing this game. What fun is there in a game in which you always win?

So here are my top tips on some things you can do NOW, to love yourself a bit more and bring a dash of inner peace to your life.

1. Be mindful of your words

You wouldn't go around calling your colleague stupid if they made a mistake. I doubt you would call your friend ugly if they showed up with no make up or had a few pimples on their face. If you're clumsy or forgetful or just a bit lazy, how about not telling yourself every second of the day and let everyone you meet know about it, like it's the thing that defines you the most? because I'm sure it's not! Be kind to yourself, we all make mistakes, we're all lazy sometimes but the more we tell ourselves and the more we criticise everything we do, the harder it is to change it.

 2. Be mindful of your diet.

I'm not asking you to change your whole diet, or become vegetarian/vegan (even though you maybe should at least give it a try). However, if you're eating a lot of processed meals and fatty or sugary foods how about doing a little bit of research and replacing them with whole, fresh, unprocessed and lower-fat foods? Try slowly reducing junk food and heavily fried meals and see huge differences in body, mind and spirit! And if you want to take it to the next level, check out our comprehensive guide to detox.

3. Move around a bit.

No need to run a marathon, or join a spinning class 4 time