Lockdown in Thailand: Why Everything Happens for a Reason & Learning to Trust Your Inner Self

Deciding to leave Amsterdam on a one-way ticket to Thailand in the midst of a global pandemic, was the scariest, yet somehow the most well orchestrated decision we could have made.


This is the story of how we spent the 1st lockdown in Thailand and the birth of Anasa. We hope to remind ourselves and you, that:

  • It might seem negative at first but trust that it's really not.

  • Everything happens for a reason and it's always a good reason.

  • Listening and trusting to your inner self will keep you safe and happy.

  • You'll get to where you want to be when the time is right and when you're ready.

  • By putting yourself in a good-feeling place, you attract more good-feeling things.

  • By expressing gratitude for your life, you allow for wellbeing to flood in.

It might seem bad at first but it's really not

Back in January 2020 we were meant to fly to Thailand for a month-long holiday. I had meticulously planned this trip down to the very minutes it would take us to walk from a hotel to a certain bus-stop. I even created a Word document, detailing each and every step we would take, in order to make the most of our time there, with links to sightseeing locations, hotels and restaurants.

All this research and planning for the small, insignificant details caused me to overlook the most important thing of all, my passport. It had expired a month before the trip and I only noticed the night before our flight - even though I had used it on multiple occasions within that month -, obviously, causing us to miss our flight and the whole trip.

Know that everything happens for a reason

This pretty foolish incident, soon shifted to having a very positive outcome. Firstly it protected us from going to a location which at the time was becoming a hotspot for the virus and secondly it allowed us both to deal with some important family matters that had suddenly come up.

Listen and trust your inner self/your gut. It's there to protect you.

Fast forward 3 months later, on March 15th and the Netherlands is going into lockdown, closing its hospitality sector - where I used to work - along with its theatres and yoga studios - where Mirka used to work.

Mirka comes back home that night and tells me she has this strong feeling we should pack our things and leave ASAP. Luckily I've learned to trust that whenever she senses something as clear as that, it's time to act. After spending sometime deciding where we could go, we realise that we have all the planning done for Thailand already, so why not go there? We instantly buy the first available tickets and 2 days later we fly direct to Thailand.

Trust and let go. When the time is right, you'll get there.

We fly out on the 18th of March, a day before Amsterdam decides to stop all outbound flights. 11 hours later we find ourselves in the tropical heat of a very empty Thailand. Not only was it the end of the season there, it was also after most tourists had suddenly left to "safely" return home.

After a few days of exploring Thailand, we again felt an urge to set aside our plans of seeing the whole country and instead focused on getting to a small island that would offer us a cheap place to stay with food and internet.

My good friend Don, had suggested we visit Koh Jum, a small, pretty unknown - for Thailand standards - island with a few sandy beaches. We called up a few bungalow companies, asked if they would take us in for a month or more and soon after found ourselves on a beautiful, empty beach that would be our home for the next couple of months.

Put yourself in a good-feeling place and good things will come flooding in.

We created a wonderfully balanced schedule of meditating, training, swimming, working and reading every day which caused us to feel so happy, healthy and open to receive. We felt and still are so, so grateful for the space, the warmth and the beauty we received during our time there. It was because of this time and freedom we had to come closer to ourselves, that we were able to allow, new possibilities to arise, new paths to unfold in front of us and new energy to flow within us.

Mirka got connected to some very inspiring people that are still actively supporting her in achieving her goals. She brought to life new desires and found clarity in older.

And I realised, it was time to leave behind a job that I was not passionate about and set a new path of co-creating something that would have the power to bring balance, love and joy into my life and hopefully the life of others. That something was Anasa.

Nearly 2 months after our arrival in Thailand it was time to head back to Amsterdam and set in motion all that we learned, everything we talked about and all we imagined.

Practice gratitude and receive wellbeing

We look back to those days of endless sun, tropical warmth, quiet and peace and we could not be more grateful and happy for all the wonderful things that trip offered us.

We can't wait to go back and make use of the rest of the meticulously planned itinerary we have. Until then, we remain focused and happy.