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Efsevios is a trained holistic health coach and massage therapist. He has developed the Holistic Realignment coaching program through which he co-creatively assists people on their journeys towards a more balanced and joyful life. Through juice feasting, raw foods, intuitive movement  as well as a whole-istic approach to health and wellbeing he aims to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

"I am grateful for the life I get to live, for the freedom I’ve been gifted and the love I openheartedly receive. Growing up in a restaurant on a beautiful island in Greece provided me with a guiding system which run on a deep love and appreciation for good food, nature and water. My journey towards a life spent in nature, full of love and yummy food, along with an esoteric call towards self-development and spirituality led me towards the path of a more holistic approach to wellbeing."


I love to travel, to meet new people, to connect.

I believe the world has the capacity to experience more love and plenty more collaboration. We need safe spaces for people to be themselves completely, to be creative and to be able to express their creativity with playfulness and imperfection and without any fear of judgement. 

This journey of co-creating Anasa helps me discover more of who I am, find balance in everyday life, heal parts of my being, while becoming more confident and aware.

Through my Yoga & Meditation sessions I wish to open up a safe space where authenticity, inspiration, love and joy flow effortlessly.

I hope to inspire people to believe in their own endless power, trust their intuition, their innate guidance system and experience life fully,

Here & Now. 

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