Our physical bodies are magnificent, incredibly complex machines that never stop working to give us the ability to do all the things we love. In constant communication and collaboration with our mental and emotional bodies they create this unique being we call oneself. Through massage, this communication strengthens, energy flow increases and physical and mental blockages begin to dissolve.

Massage Sessions - Spiritual Growth And Self-Development Tips

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”

Thomas Merton

Co-creative massage

A co-creative massage is based upon this idea of collaboration between our every cell, our muscles but also our thoughts and emotions. Efsevios takes a more holistic approach on how our physical bodies function and react, taking in account our environment, our food habits, our daily routines as well as our emotional state and mental wellbeing. Using the techniques of Thai, deep tissue and trigger point massage, it aims at increasing blood flow, dissolving physical, mental and emotional blockages as well as bringing a sense of relaxation and inner peace. Every session is a unique experience designed specifically for you and your needs.


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Efsevios is currently outside of Amsterdam and will be unavailable for any massage sessions until January 2021. Spots will be available as soon as he's back in Amsterdam and you'll be able to book directly from our booking form below.

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