Yoga Retreats Greece

You are here, now.

 Anasa is a journey towards our natural state of inner balance, love and joy.

Explore your power and wholeness through inspirational articles, recipes and morning routines.

Retreats, travel guides as well as sustainable products picked just for you, there to remind you of the abundance in life and endless beauty of nature.

Anasa is an invitation to the simple and only task of being happy, now. 

"Within each focused breath exists a path that guides us towards our natural state of inner balance and peace."

Who we are

Mirka and Efsevios met on the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece.

A natural alignment of their paths and their passion for traveling was the beginning of an adventure towards love and joyous self-development. 

Their co-creative journey brought forward an acute sense of human boundlessness and unanimity with nature which they longed to share.

Anasa encompasses their lifestyle, their deeply rooted love of Greece and its natural treasures, alongside their own search for inspiration and self-love.

The intention is to create an online eco-system through which people can share their passion, ideas, art, workshops and more.

Yoga Retreats 2021-2022

Crafted with love. Chosen by us. Designed for you.

Edesma box is finally here and it will soon be available to purchase. Find out more about it on the Edesma Contents page